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I was recently told by a friend that their health insurance provided them with a materntity package with all the things needed before and after childbirth.

How do I get this please?


Many thanks,

Maternity Package - Kraampakket


Re: Maternity Package - Kraampakket


This package is called in Dutch " kraampakket". You can get it only for free if you are insured with a minimum of additional "2 stars" insurance above the standard obligatory basic insurance. This is the link: 

You can order it ( gratis or paid(€26,20) from there. See also the attachment. You should consider the price against the content.

Regrettably the pages of the website cannot be changed to English language. 

Groet, Feina.

Re: Maternity Package


Hi Sam2, 


Feina's answer is correct. Did that answer your question? If you are insured with us with a supplementary insurance of 2* or higher, you can directly order your maternity package through this link.


Kind regards, Michiel

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