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Discount on my glasses or contact lens?


With 3 stars of Beter AF additional insurance, I have received the reimbursement of EUR 150 for my contact lens in 2011 and 2012.
If I want to buy the contact lens or glasses agian, can I get discount in Eye Wish or Specsavers?
And, what is het Collectief van Zelfstandige Opticiens? Can I use that as well?

Discount on my glasses or contact lens?


Re: discount on my glasses or contact lens

Voormalig medewerker Zilveren Kruis

Hi Heaven1006 and welcome to our forum. Even though you have already had the reimbursement from your additional insurance, you are still allowed a discount at Eyewish and Specsavers. "The collective of independant opticians" as you could translate it is a group of opticians that are connceted and allow you a discount with your health insurance card as well.

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