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Charged for months before gaining insurance




I requested health insurance at Zilveren Kruis this July, and had set my payment date at the end of the month.


 As the reason for my insurance request, I had declared returning from military service abroad in March 2015.


Now I have been charged 'premie' for every month beginning from March when I did not have insurance, and it's pulling my account saldo into the red.


Why am I being charged for the months when I did not yet have insurance at Zilveren Kruis? Is it possible to request reimbursement for these months?


- Lad

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Charged for months before gaining insurance


Re: Charged for months before gaining insurance


Hi Laddy,

I can understand your surprise! I would like to explain the reason for the retroactive payment!

Under the Health Insurance Act (Zorgverzekeringswet), all residents of the Netherlands have to take out healthcare insurance. This means  that you have to apply for a health insurance from the date you entered the Netherlands, started working in the Netherlands or when your resident permit started. You are entitled to health insurance from this point and have the mandatory obligation to take out a health insurance from this point onwards.


For example: If you are an EU resident and you came to the Netherlands the 25 of March and registered yourself  that date at the city hall, this will be the date your insurance has to start.
Sometimes it can take quite a while before you get all the right documentation or that you have been registered at a city hall. Therefore an insurance can be backtracked within a 4 month period, starting from the date you had to be insured


Can you maybe give me some more information about your situation? Where are you from? On which date have you registered yourself at city hall? Or do you have a job in the Netherlands? If so what is the starting date of your job? With this information I can check when your insurance should start

kind regards,