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Living abroad



I am a student at a dutch applied science university and I have an insurance. However, I am doing my internship now in germany. I had to unregister from my dutch address and register with my temporary german address. This internship is a mandatory part of my studies. 


I just received an email from the insurance company that the price for my insurance might change. why would I need to cancel my insurance now? I still need it. 

Living abroad


Re: Living abroad


Hello, in case a Dutch student goes abroad to Germany for instance, then his insurance stops at the moment he earns money. If this is the case, then you have to take a german insurance. 

If you are for instance Italian, then I can imagine that the situation is different, also in the case that you are only going to study there. Because why should you have a Dutch insurance, while you are Italian and living in Germany? 

I think that Zilveren Kruis has to know more about your exact situation to judge the insurance-position. Alternatively there is the dutch " social Insurance Bank" , SVB, which has the ultimate judgment. But beware, they take a lot of time ( 2 months), and probably you donot have that. If Zilveren Kruis decides something, you could let it be, except in the case you think it is not correct. 

You could also take a look in the rules from the European Commission ( if you are European), because Europ doesnot intend to let it be so complicated: on the contrary: it should be simple.

Groet, Feina.

Re: Living abroad

Voormalig medewerker Zilveren Kruis

Hello EmyFresco,


Thank you for your question.


Are you receiving payment for your internship? If so, it might be you are not entitled to Dutch health insurance during your internship. The threshold differs per EU country. Please ask the Sociale Verzekeringsbank for a Wlz check. You can apply for the Wlz check via this link .


If I understand you correctly, we sent you an email with an insurance check. We probably received notice from your deregistration from your municipality.


Please send the Wlz decision in reply to the email we sent you.


If you have any other questions regarding our insurance check, or if you wish to apply for a delay before we cancel your health insurance, I advise you to contact Customer Service. You can contact Customer Service either by telephone or via chat . This way you can further explain your situation and we can give you a more specific answer.


In any case I wish you a very inspiring internship!



Team Buitenland

Re: Living abroad


In other topics , about travelling on a student-pass , you can see that the response-time of the SVB for the WLZ-check is very long. ( more than 4 weeks). I understood in a previous topic that the Insurance-company,in this case Zilveren Kruis, can make her own decisions.

Why is it not possible in this case?


Would it help that Emy asks for guidance in het home-country? 

Groet, Feina.

Re: Living abroad

Community Manager

I understand that a WLZ check or statement will take some time. But when it is requested, that is what is supposed to happen. If Emy is looking for extra information, contacting the home-country is always possible!


Sounds like an exciting time Emy. Traveling to another country for your internship. Are you enjoying Germany?


Looking at your situation, you can see that there are still some questions. About a possible income for example. Information like this is needed, also when you ask for a WLZ check.


I do have another question about the e-mail. Just to make sure we are all on the same page here! I understand you got an e-mail from us about your current insurance with us. In your first message you wrote that it is about a price change. But also about canceling the insurance. Given the situation it would make sense that it is about an insurance check, possibly canceling the insurance as a result. Like Constance explained. Or is it about something different? Just to make sure! If you need me to look into it, I will look up the e-mail. Please send me a private message with your insurance number

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