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Is treatment from a psychologist covered with my EHIC-Card?



I have a European Health Insurance Card and every single doctor i ask or psychologist they don't know if the card covers the costs of the treatments. I'm a 22 year old international student studying in NL for almost 5 years now. I saw that the reimbursment for my doctor chargers recently changed from Agis to the Zilver Kruis here, so i'm posting this here. So, i want to know if i go to a psychologist for treatment if the costs are covered and if i first need to get a referal from my General Practitioner (GP), that's absolutely fine. So please let me know if i need to get a referall first for the costs to be covered.


Kind Regards, Theodore

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Is treatment from a psychologist covered with my EHIC-Card?


Re: Is treatment from a psychologist covered with my EHIC-Card?


Hi Theodore,


It is a little bit difficult to answer your question becauce I don't know exactly what kind of threatment we are talking about. Ofcource I want to give you some informatie so I looked at our policy conditions. 

You will find here that there is a difference between Basis GGZ and secondary mental health care. Both of these are covered in the basic isurance. You'll always need a referall from your GP or other specialist. Also I want to advice you to check if the psychologist you want see has a contract with us. You can check that in our medical provider search tool.


Keep in mind that you'll pay an excess of € 385 for most this reimbursed under the basic insurance in 2016. That means that you'll pay the first € 385 of health care expenses. If you have chosen a higher excess you'll pay more that € 385,-


I want to advice you to first contact your GP. He or she can help you further with this Theodore.


If you have any other questions, please let me know!