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I left the Netherlands, how to cancel my insurance?


Good afternoon, 

my name is Giulia and I am looking for some help in order to cancel my insurance with Zilveren Kruis.  I am Italian and I left The Netherlands in February, but I still get charged for my insurance plan.  I am trying to connect to my Silver Cross account, but it is necessary to fill in my DigiD code, which I do not have.  I am already deregistered from Dutch Gementee so I am no longer able to get my DigiD code.  What should I do in order to cancel my Dutch insurance and no longer charged for that?  

Thank you for your attention. Best regards, Giulia 

I left the Netherlands, how to cancel my insurance?


Re: I left the Netherlands, how to cancel my insurance?


Ciao Giulia,


I am another customer.

I have perhaps found something for you: the webform that you have to fill out, to  end your insurance. See also the attachment. If you wish, I could translate the form for you in Italian. You donot need the digid, only your customernumber and you have to tell the enddate of the insurance. Check in any case if you receive a confirmation of receivement-email after you filled in the form.





Groet, Feina.

Re: I left the Netherlands, how to cancel my insurance?


Goodmorning Giulia,


Thanks for your answer Feina. You can stopp your insurance through the link that Feina gave you.

With this link you don't have to log in with your Digid. Fill in the form the date that you left the Netherlands and your adress (abroad) where you are living at this moment.


Within 2 weeks you will receive a written confirmation from us.


I wish you a pleasant stay abroad. If you have any further questions from us do not hesitate to ask them.


Kind regards,