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Dekt de zorgverzekering zorgkosten bij wintersport?


I am going to Switzerland to ski. Do you know if the ductch insurance covers injury while sking abroad?




Dekt de zorgverzekering zorgkosten bij wintersport?


Re: Dekt de zorgverzekering zorgkosten bij wintersport?


Hi Daniel,
Welcome to our community! The Basic Insurance covers emergency health care costs abroad up till the Dutch tariffs of the same treatment. If a treatment is more expensive abroad you'll need to pay the difference yourself if you only have the Basic Insurance. The deductible excess also applies on the coverage from the Basic Insurance.

All of our supplementary insurances (including the Basis Plus Module) however have a coverage for the difference in tariffs in the case of emergency health costs abroad included. This means that with any supplementary insurance you are fully insured for emergency situations abroad through your health insurance. 

The coverage also applies to skiing vacations, including the necessary transport by helicopter or ambulance to get you of the piste in case of an accident. 

As a side note: the added coverage of the costs above the Dutch tariffs can also be included in a travel insurance with an additional medical module. Considering you cannot add a supplementary insurance mid-year this is good to know as an option for if you opt to only have the Basic Insurance for next year. 

I hope this information helps you Daniel. Don't hesitate to let me know if you have any other questions.

With kind regards,


Re: Dekt de zorgverzekering zorgkosten bij wintersport?


However, at this particular moment in the year, you can choose an extra insurance for the next calender year. The most basis extra insurance costs only €2,50 p.m. , thus €30 for a year. https://secure.zilverenkruis.nl/Formulieren/PremieBerekenen/SelectPackage


I think that it is cheaper than a travelinsurance that is more expensive in case it is for skiing. 

I can advise to take the insurance card ( with the EHIC european insurance part on the backside) with you on holiday. 


PS I donot know if the healtcare-insurance covers if you should get lost. I expect that it is not covered.



Groet, Feina.