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Declaratienummer: xxxxxxxxx


Can you please explain why I was not reimbursed at all with this medical treatment?

Can you also explain why it is under the declarations that are flagged reimbursed?

Why did this cost have no impact on my own risk?




Moderator: I have removed some of the personal information (Anton)

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Declaratienummer: xxxxxxxxx


Re: Declaratienummer: xxxxxxxxx

Voormalig medewerker Zilveren Kruis

Hello Cunja!


I am sorry but I had to edit your post because it included sensitive personal information. Please remember this is a public discussion forum. Consequently, other people can view and copy the information you choose to post on it.


With regard to your question - I understand that our reimbursements are unclear to you. I recommend you submit these personal questions to our customer service via the phone. By calling us about sensitive medical data we can verify your personal information and we can help you out. Unfortunately, this message board is not suited for handling personal medical information. 


This is the phonenumber for English speaking customers: 071 365 20 80


Let me know if everything worked out for you after you made the call!



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